Private Day 2018

Updated 2/22/18

Date: Sunday 2/25/18.

Hand out: LINK

Cost: $260
Deposit: Deposits closed as of 12/27 due to capacity. – Final balance for previous deposits is due by 2/5/2018.

This will be a private track day for friends. All levels are welcome however normal C group riders should be aware they will be passed by faster riders. Please ask any questions now if you are a C group rider or this is your first track day.

Layout 13, clockwise, Buttonwillow Raceway.  Link

Remember, this is a day for friends. The only way you are invited is a friend…. so please be courteous to all riders, of all skill levels.

Open format. You can ride all day. We shut down for lunch, 1 hour. The track is open to ride from 9 am to 5 pm unless a stoppage is required for a rider.

As many will be on the track for the first time in Buttonwillow, we will run outside passing rules for the first 2 hours of the day. From 9 am to 11 am.  After 11 am, inside passing is allowed.  We will mark (on the back of helmets) any riders who are C group riders, so you are aware before attempting an inside pass.  Please pass for the comfort of the other rider, not yours.

Camping: Camping has been added for Sat night.  If you arrive at the track on Sat, you may have to wait until 5 pm to set up camp for our track day on Sunday. Just ask the gate attendant.

Refunds: If you pay a deposit or a full ticket price, you are eligible for a refund if the track day does not happen. If we cancel or the track cancels the day with no fee, all ticket prices will be refunded. Weather does not qualify for a refund per the track rules. If the track charges us for anything, it will be deducted evenly before refunds for a canceled day.

Weather: Feb 2017 saw an average of 65 for the month with a few days of rain. Should be a good month for a track day.

Race Pace MotorSports a Nor Cal Michelin Race tire dealer will be attending the day and be offering tire services if you are in need.

CaliPhoto will be in attendance and offering pictures for sale.  Find them before the day to pre-pay for more attention while on track!


Waiting List: 11

– Contact for waiting list entry.  This day is maxed at 50 riders, if one needs to cancel, we will start with the waiting list, in order.


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